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Stellar Scholarship Applications: Great Insider Tips

Scholarship applications can be scary. When you’re asked to write about yourself,
your interests, and why you deserve a scholarship, the first few paragraphs of your
application may feel like a rollercoaster of emotions. 

On the one hand, you want to portray who you are and what makes you unique. On
the other hand, you want to hide what’s going on in your life. And then there’s that
little nagging voice in your head. It is asking if this is a great idea or not. 

But don’t worry—writing a great scholarship application doesn’t have to be hard.
There are several things that every applicant can do to make their scholarship
application stand out from the others and get noticed by their favorite college or

Tips for Writing a Great Scholarship Application

Here are some insider tips to help you write a great scholarship application. Go
through them thoroughly to ace your scholarship application:

Make Sure You’re Writing for the Right Program:

The first step to writing an awesome scholarship application is ensuring you’re
writing for the right program. It’s easy to assume that your favorite fully funded scholarship is
for another university. Still, in reality, your application is being judged for specific
awards. These awards are chosen and fit with the scholarship and program.
So make sure you’re writing for the right program.

Ssuppose you’re writing for the AWS Welder Training Scholarship. In that case, you’d
likely want to apply to some other scholarship programs or write your essay in adifferent style. Similarly, if you’re applying for the John William Schreyer Scholarship, you’d better have some good essays.

Explain How Your Interests Are a Good Match for the Scholarship:

The essay is one of the most important parts of a scholarship application. In this
application section, you’re being judged on your writing ability, how well you fit
the program with your interests, and why your interests are a good match for the

Many scholarships are looking for applicants who love a certain subject. Whether
it’s literature, history, or science, you want to make sure that you explain how your
interests are a good match for the scholarship.

Be Concise and To the Point:

One of the biggest mistakes that scholarship applicants make is writing a long
. While the essay may be the centerpiece of the application, it’s also the
section with the most room for errors. You can be concise and to the point and still
explain everything you want to say. 

However, unless you’re very experienced in essay writing, you want to ensure that
you keep your message concise and to the point. If you read over your essay a few
times, you might be surprised at how many things you can cram into just a few

If you’re not sure, re-read your essay until you’re sure that you’ve covered
everything you want to say.

Show What You’ll Do with Your Award if you Qualify:

Many scholarships require that you do some community service or project with
your award. Make sure that you explain how this project is a good match for the
scholarship and what you’ll do if you qualify for the scholarship.

For example, if you get the ‘Scholarship for Service Award and are required to
volunteer at a children’s hospital, you want to explain why this project is a good fit
for the scholarship. You’ll also explain how you’ll use your award.

A charity should expect to read an essay about how the recipient has chosen to
volunteer at a hospital. They look for how they think it will change the recipient’s
life and the hospital’s and how the recipient will use the money to care for others.

Stick to the Topic of the Scholarship Description:

Many scholarships are looking to award students who demonstrate leadership or
community involvement. Ensure you explain how and why you’re a good fit for the
scholarship description and the topic you want to stick to. 

For example, suppose you’re applying for the Community Citizen Award. In that
case, you want to explain how you will use the money to help someone in the

As a scholarship application reader, you want to ensure that you stay on topic with
the description of the scholarship. You don’t want to give the scholarship
committee the impression that you’re doing something different than you’re
supposed to be doing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For More Information from the Recipient:

Many scholarship applications require essays and don’t leave room for confusing
questions. However, most scholarship applications ask for the same information
the recipient might ask for in the application process. 

For example, many scholarship applications ask for a paragraph or two about your
extracurricular activities and how they support your academics. However, suppose
your activities are particularly supportive of academics or are particularly unique.
In that case, you want to make sure that you explain why they support your
academics and why they’re a great fit with your scholarship. 

Asking the recipient for more information will not be considered rude or
ungrateful. On the contrary, it will make you seem like a thoughtful applicant eager
to support your scholarship application.

Don’t Miss Out on Any Opportunities to Show How You’ll Benefit the School:

Participating in community events and activities can show the school that you’re
interested in being a part of the community. Events like the annual Christmas
parade or fundraising for a new playground are good ways to get your name out

It’s also a great idea to let everyone know about any chances for volunteer work or
after-school tutoring that you might be involved in. By showing how your skills
and talents can benefit the school, you can show that you care about its mission
and are committed to making a difference. 

Communicating your professional goals to recruiters is essential. When you let
them know what you’re looking for, they can help make sure your application is
ready when it needs to be. They’ll also tell you if it sounds like a good fit for their
organization, so they can recommend that you be invited to an informational
interview. In any event, showing recruiters why they should choose you over other
candidates is key.

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The Bottom Line:

Application processes can be scary, but with a little effort, there’s no reason that
you can’t receive a great scholarship award. There are several things that every
applicant can do to make their scholarship application stand out from the
remaining and get noticed by their favorite college or university.

An interview can also be a daunting prospect. Check out these tips and tricks to ace scholarship interviews. Also, make sure to go through the Fully-Funded Scholarships site for more exciting tips and useful advice. If you’re still unsure about how to write a good scholarship application, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below. I am always here to steer you towards a brighter future!

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