About us

About Fully-funded Scholarship

For many years we have been known as one of the largest and most trusted resources to help you find your path to success. Everyone must find their own path, and that we know first-hand. Our team consists of people of diverse backgrounds and different experiences.

Some of us took the traditional route to a college degree, others took the scenic route, and a few of us are currently enrolled in graduate and continuing education courses.

We work to supply you with information from both our professional and personal experiences, to assist you through college and beyond. Daily, we collate the resources you would like to be successful.

We are:

  • Approachable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Relatable
  • Diverse


The Fully-funded Scholarship management team consists of industry veterans, marketing specialists, and individuals hooked in to helping students more easily navigate the college planning and financing process.

The Team

We are real people on a mission to form the process of planning and paying for college—and life beyond—less intimidating.  we all know how overwhelming and expensive it can be a number of us even had to borrow student loans. But mostly, we’re a small, but efficient team who genuinely cares about helping people succeed.

What Matters to Us

Helping you reach your goals without stressing out. Let’s face it, it’s going to be unavoidable to borrow money to pay for school. But there are ways to try to it wisely, including making the proper choices up front, also as during repayment. If we will help you make an informed and careful decision, we consider that an honest day in the office.

What We Do

  • Educate and help remove confusion
  • Connect students to scholarship options to scale back the need to borrow loans
  • Help you understand the FAFSA and the way to apply for financial aid
  • Provide tools to assist select the right college or university

How We roll in the hay

We provide expert-level advice based on our industry experience. With multiple years of combined experience in education, including past roles as lender representatives, guaranty agency executives, and U.S. Department of Education specialists, we all know a thing or two. And we’re thrilled to place our knowledge and experience to use for you, with simple and straightforward to understand guidance.

Our Promise to You

We pledge to supply accurate information that is truly actionable. We promise to not talk “at” you but share knowledge “with” you and for your benefit. We also plan to answer your questions through our dedicated questions and answer page, or through our Ask the Fully-funded portal.

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