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Is DAAD scholarship fully funded?

Education plays a critical role in shaping an individual’s future, and pursuing further studies remains an aspiration for many students across the globe. While funding can be a significant barrier, fully-funded scholarships, such as the one offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), can make dreams come true for deserving and talented young minds. In this article, we explore the DAAD scholarship and the extent to which it is fully funded.

Established in 1925, DAAD has evolved as one of the world’s largest and most sought-after scholarship organizations. DAAD promotes internationalization of German universities and academic institutions by providing scholarships to study, research, and work in Germany. The German government and the European Union provide funding for these scholarships. With more than 100,000 scholarships awarded each year, DAAD has helped thousands of students acquire invaluable knowledge, skills, and life experiences.

But the critical question remains: is the DAAD scholarship fully funded? The answer is yes – for the most part. The DAAD scholarship funds the entire duration of a student’s study or research program in Germany, which typically includes living expenses, insurance, and travel costs. Additionally, DAAD fully funds joint research projects and offers language courses, ensuring the scholars’ seamless academic journey.

Let’s examine the specific benefits of the DAAD scholarship to understand its funding comprehensively. Here are some key features of DAAD’s offering:

  1. Full tuition coverage for the entire duration of the study program.

DAAD covers the entire tuition fee for courses offered by German state and state-accredited higher education institutions. Students do not have to worry about the financial burden of tuition fees as this scholarship guarantees complete fee-waiver throughout their stay in Germany.

  1. Generous monthly stipend for living expenses.

Scholars receive a monthly stipend that includes accommodation, food, and other living costs. This allowance varies depending on the academic level and study program. For example, undergraduate and graduate students receive a stipend of €861 per month, whereas doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers are entitled to €1,200. The stipend significantly reduces the student beneficiaries’ financial burden, making it more comfortable for them to focus on their studies.

  1. Health, accident, and personal liability insurance coverage.

The insurance coverage provided by the DAAD scholarship is a significant benefit for students. Scholars receive comprehensive coverage for health, accident, and personal liability throughout their stay in Germany. This ensures peace of mind and financial security for students who are far from home and on a budget.

  1. Travel allowance for scholars from non-European countries.

For international students coming from a non-European country, the DAAD scholarship includes a travel allowance to cover the cost of airfare to and from their home country. The stipend makes it financially feasible for students outside Europe to benefit from Germany’s world-class education system.

  1. Language course and summer school access.

To enhance their German language skills, DAAD scholars can access language courses and summer school offerings free of charge. As a result, students can immerse themselves in the German culture and communicate with confidence, leading to fruitful experiences during their studies.

  1. Supplementary benefits.

In addition to the main benefits listed above, the DAAD scholarship also offers supplementary benefits to specific categories, such as parental benefits and family allowances. It exhibits the commitment towards providing a comprehensive support system that enhances the scholars’ personal and academic journey.

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam
    I’m a 23 year old boy from Southern Africa, ESwatini. I have done my Hugh school here and would love to move to high levels of education.
    My passion is Mathematics.
    Please consider my plea for a scholarship grand to any open tertiary institutions for African students with third world high school certificate.
    I hadn’t applied to any universities abroad, but I’m currently at University of ESwatini for first year Bachelors Degree, but I’m not satisfied with this one because here there’s rioting and poor learning.

  2. I’m saikou ceesay from gambia i will love to apply for your scholarship and meet my dream to major economies

  3. I ‘m a young. girl aged. 17 I m looling for a schoolarship to pursue my course and go foward in life and achieve my dreams. thank you

  4. Hi dear madam and Sir ,
    I am Haīdar Ali Abdoulaye, I’m 22 years old and a student at the University of Duala at the full time.
    I would like to have this opportunity to study in Canada .
    Thanks !

  5. My name is Nelly Sine,I’m 21 and currently studying at university of Goroka doing my second year taking bachelor of arts education majoring geography. The reason why I applied for this scholarship is because in my entire life I’ve always dreamt of studying in one of the universities in Europe countries. I love their language,food and way of life. It’ll be a dreamt come true to be given this opportunity to study in Europe countries.

  6. I am looking forward to pursuing my education further but i have no financial support. Please help me

      1. I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot contact anyone directly. However, you can ask your question here, and I’ll be happy to assist you to the best of my abilities.

  7. Hullo admin, am from Rwanda and am called Richard, am very interested in this full funded scholarship, I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, kindly I would like to continue with my masters , can this fully funded schorarship help me in contuining with my masters .?

    1. Hello Richard,

      Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry, but I am an AI language model and do not have information on specific scholarships or funding opportunities. However, there are many fully funded scholarships available for Master’s degree programs that you can apply for.

      To find relevant scholarships, I would recommend researching online platforms such as scholarship search engines, government scholarship programs, and international organizations that offer funding for students from Rwanda. Additionally, reach out to universities or educational institutions in your desired study destination to inquire about available scholarships.

      Make sure to carefully read the eligibility criteria and application requirements for each scholarship opportunity you come across. Many scholarships have specific requirements such as academic achievements, English language proficiency tests, or a certain field of study that should be met.

      Best of luck with your master’s degree pursuits!

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