Fully Funded Scholarships

A Comprehensive Guide to Fully-Funded Scholarships

Are you one of those scholars busy juggling university life with work? Well, it’s time to fare your worries goodbye and consider fully-funded scholarships. Fully-funded scholarships, aka full-ride scholarships, are the crowning achievements for tracking down opportunities for personal growth. In fully-funded scholarships, the scholarship benefactor provides the expenses involved in paying the tuition and the living cost.

This expense coverage leaves the scholar free from financial worries, which helps them focus on their studies. It sounds like a dream come true, but the unfortunate scenario is that there aren’t enough fully-funded scholarships available. Regardless, you should not lose hope or back out of applying for them.

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover how and where to get a fully-funded scholarship. We will also discuss the pros & cons and what to keep in mind when accepting a fully-funded scholarship. 

So, do you want to increase your chances of acquiring a fully-funded scholarship? Continue reading to know the ins and outs of winning a scholarship!

Step-By-Step Guide to Win a Fully-Funded Scholarship:

Here are the steps you need to take when looking to enter a fully-funded fellowship program:

Step # 01: Know Where to Find the Scholarships:

The first step in the acquisition of a fully-funded scholarship is to be aware of the places you would find them. So where to find fully-funded scholarships? The answer is simple. Go to the official website of any university, and look for the scholarships they are offering.

Many universities offer fellowships to their students. Look for opportunities present in your subject of interest. Also, many universities offer scholarships from locations, check what applies to you.

Besides checking out official university websites, browse web pages. Check out the record of study destinations and subject scholarships, to find the right scholarship for your needs.

Step # 02: Get Pre-Prepared:

Once you’ve decided on which universities to apply to, for getting a fully-funded scholarship, you must start preparing in advance. This becomes critical if you’re required to show up to an interview.

Usually, universities schedule scholarship interviews on weekends. They call in about a hundred students on campus. These interviews are carried out by the supervisors of the scholarship program. The kind of questions they ask revolve around your future aspirations and goals, and how you can achieve it through this specific course.

For this interview, you shouldn’t just act the part, but look like it as well. Deal with this interview as any other formal interview and dress smartly. Have well-prepared responses to all possible and probable questions. It is also advisable to plan a few questions which you can ask the interviewer at the end of the meeting.

You can do light research on how to answer scholarship interview questions and what to ask the interviewer at the end.

Step # 03: Show Commitment and Dedication:

Some scholarships consider your financial position over merit, but most consider both. Usually, prestigious universities grant fully-funded scholarships to extraordinary students only.

Thus, it is vital to show commitment and dedication to your education and work hard. You are required to be one of the highest achievers academic grades if you want to win a fully-funded scholarship.

Universities make it mandatory for applicants to get high grades to even apply for a fully-funded scholarship. Although you are under a lot of mental pressure to achieve high grades, keeping your goal in view will motivate you to stay focused. It is also essential to engage in relaxing recreation after exams.

Step # 04: Stand Out from the Competition:

A considerable number of students will be applying for fully-funded scholarships. Thus, your chances of getting one will be minimized if you follow conventional patterns. To increase your chances, you need to stand out and display strong individual commitment.

You can do this by having a few extracurricular achievements under your belt to boast about. You can also show off your soft skills through volunteer work or community services. These skills display your character outside the classroom.

Find ways to show critical skills, like leadership and empathy. Showing these skills will enhance your chances of getting a fully-funded scholarship, as providers highly value them.

Another critical aspect of distinction in the scholarship application is your letter of recommendation. Positive and glowing letters of recommendation will put you in a good light. So, you must build a strong relationship with your academic mentors. This relationship reflects in the recommendation documents that they provide.

Step # 05: Read the Instructions Thoroughly:

This step is crucial in determining if you will win a fully-funded scholarship or not. You might think it’s obvious, but reading the instructions for application thrice is one of the most important tasks for success. What if you miss some important piece of information if you go through the document only once? What if that information led to you being eliminated from the competition?

Thus, always make sure to read the application instructions carefully so you’re unlikely to miss something. Also, if you need further explanation on anything, go ahead and email the scholarship provider.

Step # 06: Present a Unique Scholarship Cover Letter:

Making your application essay or cover letter exceptional can give you the upper hand in any fellowship program. Try to make it as distinctive as you can. You can do that by making sure it’s written clearly and concisely and hooks the reader with a catchy introduction. Plus, remember to format it correctly and concentrate on the theme or topic. You should also ensure that your application letter is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Another thing you could do is ask a friend to read your cover letter and give feedback. Make sure to ask them to check for typos and give suggestions on how to make your scholarship cover letter stand out. That is a better option than simply proofreading your application over and over again.

Step # 07: Face the Facts:

When you apply for a fully-funded scholarship, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the few scholarships that are out there may be extremely competitive. That means, a lot of candidates meeting or at times exceeding the requirements of a scholarship end up without one.

But, don’t let that take the wind out of your sails or stand in the way of your scholarship application. And don’t think it’s enough to apply for a single scholarship. At times, it’s best to send out many applications, you never know which one might get you in.

Who knows, you might be awarded two to three small scholarships that would help build up into a full scholarship. Just remember to confirm with the scholarship providers if it’s okay to apply and get scholarship financing from other providers. 

Let’s suppose you do get rejected because even though you should always be positive, it helps to be a bit realistic and look at both sides of the road. In case of a rejection, you should accept the fact that some things in life remain a dream.

Don’t let that failure determine your future. Keep trying in life and you will eventually achieve success. On the other hand, if you attain the scholarship, don’t let it get to your head and work harder for a better future.

The Top 5 Fully-Financed Scholarships:

There’s one of the best fully-funded scholarships out there that awaits your arrival. So why wait? Scroll through this list of some top scholarships that might be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Fulbright Scholarships:

Do you hold a bachelor’s degree or equal degree? Great, the Fulbright Scholarship is perfect for you. This US-sponsored scholarship is second to none. You can apply for this fully-funded program from anywhere around the world and get the experience of a lifetime. What’s more? You’ll be part of research and studies in all fields imaginable, from about 155 countries around the world!

  1. CommonWealth Scholarship:

Be it Ph.D. research, Master’s study, or academic or professional fellowship, CommonWealth hosts it all. For those living in developed or developing countries, this fully-funded scholarship in the UK is the absolute go-to.

  1. STEM Women’s Undergraduate

As a woman, this is your chance to shine in the diverse fields of science, engineering, technology, and math education. This fully-funded scholarship is the answer to your prayers and the place of your dreams.

  1. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships

Looks like you’re in luck! Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships provides the best experience for scholars all around the world looking for higher education. Here are some fields you’ll be able to pursue in this fully-funded Amsterdam-based scholarship. 

  • Business
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Fine and applied arts
  • Law
  • Mathematics and computer sciences
  • Medical and Health sciences
  • Natural sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences. 
  • Transport and communication 
  1. Public Service Commission

Are you one of those few optimistic applicants looking to share something new and unique with the world? Well, the Public Service Commission is eagerly awaiting your arrival. This fully-funded program is based in Singapore, seeking original and refreshing candidates from all around the world. And with all kinds of fields available, it’s time to take your career to the next level!

What Are the Costs and Benefits of a fully-funded Scholarship?

Scholarships are a smart choice to finance your studies. However, similar to other financing options, a fully-funded scholarship also has its costs and benefits. Now let us explore the pros and cons of accepting a scholarship.

Generally, scholarships are awarded on the grounds of academic merit. Some scholarships are given every year, while others are provided on a one-time basis. That is if the student repeatedly meets the scholarly requirements.

Scholarships are good and bad for students in various ways. Here are some costs and benefits of accepting a fully-funded scholarship:


  • The biggest advantage of fully-funded scholarships is that students who come from poor households can also get a chance to study abroad.
  • Sometimes you don’t have to put in a formal application for a fully-funded scholarship. Students are rewarded with a fellowship even if they haven’t applied for it. That depends on the entry results of your university and the progress of your results in college.
  • Often scholarships can be re-established once the academic year has finished. That supports students who need a financing option for their higher studies.
  • Once the period determined for the scholarship is over, you don’t have to sign a contract agreeing to do a job for the same period as the scholarship. In other words, fully-funded scholarships provide beneficiary employment flexibility.


  • The main drawback of funded scholarships is that they can turn out to be educationally challenging with so many candidates out there. That makes it more daunting for students to receive and qualify for a fully-funded scholarship. So, students can come under a lot of pressure to achieve high results.
  • Once a student has accepted a scholarship and then fails to meet the fellowship’s specifications, it can result in them being deprived of this opportunity.
  • Also, in some circumstances, students are even asked to repay the funds they had accepted. There is no guarantee that a scholarship will be renewed the following year. That can happen because of incompetence shown by the candidate or due to a lost scholarship. Read more about how to make up for a lost scholarship here.
  • When the scholarship period ends, there is no guarantee that the candidate will get employed. That means a student has to create or look for job opportunities himself. It is a challenging task and can prove to be costly in the long run.

Final Verdict:

So, if you are a financially struggling scholar, fully-funded scholarships might be the answer you are looking for. Now that you know the step-by-step approach and the costs and benefits of winning a scholarship, you can make an informed decision for your future.

So, why wait? Head over to our website now and apply for a fully-funded scholarship. We assure you that it will make your tough life stress-free and worth living. Happy studying!

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