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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship: How to Study in France with a Full Scholarship

Do you dream of studying in France, one of the most culturally rich and academically prestigious countries in the world? Do you want to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in a field that is important for the future of humanity? Do you want to receive a full scholarship that covers your living expenses, transportation, insurance, and cultural activities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider applying for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program.

Level and Field of Study

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is a program established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to attract top foreign students to enroll in French higher education institutions. It offers scholarships for master’s and doctoral programs in two main disciplinary fields: Science and Technology, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Science and Technology field covers the following areas of study:

  • Biology and Health
  • Ecological Transition
  • Mathematics and Digital
  • Engineering Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences field covers the following areas of study:

  • History, French language and civilization
  • Law and political science
  • Economics and management

How to Apply for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is not open to direct applications from students. Only French higher education institutions can submit applications on behalf of their candidates. Therefore, if you are interested in applying for this scholarship, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find a French higher education institution that offers a master’s or doctoral program that matches your academic interests and goals. You can use the Campus France website to search for programs and institutions by field, level, language, and location.
  • Contact the international relations department of the institution and express your interest in applying for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship. Ask them about the application procedures and deadlines, and the documents and information you need to provide. You can also contact the Campus France office or the French Embassy in your country for guidance and advice.
  • Prepare your application file according to the requirements of the institution and the Eiffel Program. You will need to provide documents such as your academic transcripts, diplomas, language certificates, motivation letter, research proposal, and letters of recommendation. You may also need to take an online or on-site interview with the institution.
  • Submit your application file to the institution before the deadline. The institution will then select the best candidates and submit their applications to the Eiffel Program. The deadline for the reception of applications by Campus France is January 10, 2024.
  • Wait for the results of the selection process. The results will be published on the Campus France website in the week of April 1, 2024. If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation letter and an acceptance form from the institution. You will then need to confirm your acceptance and prepare for your arrival in France.

Countries that Can Apply

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is open to students from all countries, except for French citizens and students who have dual citizenship, one of which is French. However, the program gives priority to students from emerging countries, especially in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the new members of the European Union.

Eligibility Criteria for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

To be eligible for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a foreign national, not a French citizen or a dual citizen with French nationality.
  • You must be no more than 25 years old at the master’s level, and no more than 30 years old at the doctoral level, on the date of the selection committee meeting.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent for the master’s level, and a master’s degree or equivalent for the doctoral level.
  • You must have an excellent academic record, as evidenced by your grades, diplomas, awards, and publications.
  • You must have a good command of the French or English language, depending on the language of instruction of the program you are applying for. You may need to provide a language certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, DELF, or DALF.
  • You must not have previously received an Eiffel scholarship at the same level of study. However, you can apply for a doctoral scholarship if you have previously received a master’s scholarship or vice versa.
  • You must not have been admitted to another French government scholarship program.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the reception of applications by Campus France is January 10, 2024. However, each institution may have its own internal deadline for selecting and submitting candidates. Therefore, you should contact the institution of your choice as soon as possible to find out their specific deadline and application procedures.


The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is a great opportunity for foreign students who want to study in France with a full scholarship. It covers a wide range of fields and levels of study, and offers generous benefits and services to the scholarship holders.

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