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50 Mathematics Scholarships for National and International Students

Do you have plans to study Mathematics at university? If yes, you can access the 50 Mathematics Scholarships for National and International Students.

These scholarships are provided for students to study at the institutions of their own country and universities abroad.

Students with a strong background in mathematics have an unlimited number of career opportunities.

Scholarships for Mathematics Students

Mathematics has always been the foundation of the natural sciences, from physics to chemistry and astronomy to geology.

Recently, however, it is practically impossible to advance even in the life sciences such as biology and ecology, or in the social sciences such as economics, sociology or psychology without a solid mathematical background.

On the other hand, very important contemporary fields, including  Electrical Engineering, and  Computer Science,  could not exist without mathematics.

However, in addition to giving you the opportunity to actively contribute to this wide variety of fields, these scholarships in mathematics will also help you develop your analytical and logical thinking, an invaluable asset in our ever-changing and challenging world.

So, if you are looking for any of the following opportunities, you are in the right scholarship portal.

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Here is the list of scholarships in mathematics that you can apply for, to study in your home country or abroad.

19 Undergraduate Scholarships for Mathematics Majors

These math scholarships and grants are available for college students. High school students who long to study math or related fields can take advantage of a variety of scholarships in math and science.

National scholarships are awarded by the NAACP and the National Science Foundation.

The Alumni Scholarship at the University of Dundee, 2023

The Alumni Scholarship is available to students who are applying to a graduate program in mathematics.

Also to undergraduate students at the University of Dundee or who have studied at the University of Dundee as an international exchange, study abroad or Erasmus student or who have a relative of an alumni student who has completed a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree in this school.

Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe Postdoctoral Positions for International Researchers in Japan, 2023

The University of Tokyo Kavli IPMU is awarding a postdoctoral fellowship program for the year 2020. International applicants are eligible to apply for this fellowship program.

The Kavli IPMU is the first entity within the University of Tokyo Institute for Advanced Study (UTIAS) and aims to discover the fundamental laws of nature and understand the universe by bringing together mathematicians, statisticians, theoretical and experimental physicists, and astronomers.

The application deadline is December 1, 2020. The scholarships are available to study postdoctoral programs in all areas of mathematics, including algebra, analysis, geometry, physical mathematics, and statistics.

18 Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Gran Sasso Institute of Science in Italy

The Gran Sasso Science Institute of the School of Advanced Studies offers 18 postdoctoral fellowships in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Social Sciences. Research grants are awarded for two years and their annual amount is €36,000.00 gross.

Higherlife Foundation Joshua Nkomo Scholarships for Zambian Students

Higherlife Foundation offers Joshua Nkomo Scholarships for Zimbabwean students. The scholarships are awarded to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). A-level scholarships are for candidates starting with sixth grade and college scholarships.

African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative (AMMSI) Postgraduate Scholarships in Africa

The African Millennium Mathematics and Science Initiative (AMMSI) Postgraduate Scholarships are open on the basis of merit for Ph.D. and master’s students in mathematics.

These scholarships are awarded to African students to pursue their postgraduate studies at African institutions.

Catherine Temple Mathematics Award at Toronto Catholic District School Board Canada, 

The Toronto Catholic District School Board is pleased to offer the Catherine Temple Mathematics Award. These are open to female candidates from Canada to pursue an undergraduate program in mathematics. The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and support her in her pursuit of academic excellence.

Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation Graduate Scholarship

The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation initiated these scholarships to help Indian citizens who have been accepted to a university abroad to pursue their postgraduate studies (masters, postgraduate diploma/certificate, or Ph.D.) in the field of arts and sciences. liberals.

INTO and UEA International Foundation 100% Scholarship for Joint Ventures in the UK

INTO and UEA are inviting applications for 100% scholarships for students who will soon start the International Foundation program. There are ten scholarships worth £17,495 (£17,995 for science pathways) available across all International Foundation pathways.

Public Tender Doctoral Scholarships for Education of Indian Citizens in Slovenia

The Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia is currently accepting applications for Ph.D. scholarships. These scholarships are open to Indian students to pursue Ph.D. studies in the field of Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction.

TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize for scientists from developing countries in Italy

Applicants are invited to apply for the TWAS-Lenovo Science Award for the academic year 2022. Scholarships are available for outstanding scientists from developing countries in Geological Sciences. The TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize is one of the most prestigious honors awarded to scientists.

School of Mathematics Scholarship Award for international students at the University of Manchester in the UK

The University of Manchester Postgraduate Research Scholarships is now open for entry in 2020. Students of all nationalities are eligible to undertake postgraduate research within the Faculty of Mathematics. The University of Manchester is a public research university in Manchester.

TMCF Department of Defense Full Scholarship for High School Seniors in the USA

The Department of Defense scholarship is available to US citizens. His STEM mission is to foster an interest in it.

25 UniCredit International Internship Program

UniCredit & Universities Foundation is pleased to offer the UniCredit International Internship Program for the year 2022. Applicants must be citizens of any nationality and college students in the fields of economics, finance, banking, management, engineering, law, or similar fields.

Thailand and Sweden Trilateral Scholarship Program

Applications are accepted for that Thai-Swedish Trilateral Scholarship Program. Under this program, up to three (3) scholarships will be awarded each year to postgraduate students from Bangladesh, Nepal, and CLMV to continue their doctoral studies in Thailand and Sweden.

Indian Institute of Technology Summer Internship Program in India

The Indian Institute of Technology offers summer internship programs. Students applied for a degree at any academic institution that is willing to do a summer internship at IIT Ropar. Indian students are eligible to apply.

Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) Ph.D. Scholarships in Italy, 

The Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), based in L’Aquila, Italy, offers Ph.D. Scholarships in Italy. 

Scholarships are available in Astroparticle Physics, Mathematics in Natural, Social and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Urban Studies, and Regional Sciences. The Gran Sasso Science Institute is an International School for Advanced Studies.

STEAM scholarships for the Ph.D. program at Birmingham City University in the UK

Birmingham City University offers new Computer Science, Engineering, and Built Environment scholarships. STEAM scholarships are fully-funded doctoral scholarships in the fields of physics, life and social sciences, technology, engineering, arts and humanities, and mathematics.

International Scholarships at the School of Business, Economics and Informatics in the UK

The Birkbeck School of Business, Economics, and Informatics, University of London, offers full-time Ph.D. scholarships, starting in the 2022 academic year. The school has 9 scholarships to award: 5 fully-funded scholarships and 4 fee-only scholarships.

Coventry University Scholarships for Malaysian Students in the UK

Coventry University is inviting applications for a scholarship for Malaysian students. Scholarships are available to pursue an undergraduate program. The university provides modern educational and research environments that will enable students and researchers to meet today’s challenges.

Bestway Foundation Scholarships for Pakistani Students at the University of Kent in the UK

Together with the Bestway Foundation, the University of Kent offers scholarships for Pakistani students to pursue a postgraduate degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The scholarships will cover tuition fees and provide a maintenance award.

MSc or Ph.D. Position at the Laboratory of Vibrations and Acoustics at Ozyegin University, Istanbul Turkey

Mathematical modeling of dynamical systems has become increasingly important in most fields of science, engineering, and industrial applications. At Ozyegin University in Istanbul, we develop state-of-the-art modeling algorithms for the design, analysis, and improvement of complex processes.

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